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Stress can affect your attitude, relationships and even how you function at school. Next time you're feeling stressed out, try doing things a little different. Make self-care a priority. Over time, this will help you to feel refreshed and renewed. Consider these resources to help manage your stress.

Understanding Stress

Understanding Stress (PDF): Understand the warning signs of stress overload and practical strategies to destress.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take our Burnout Assessment (PDF) to see if you are experiencing burnout and how to get back on track.

Burnout (PDF) can happen when you are juggling school, work, friends, and family. Learn how to fight back.

Stress (PDF) is powerful, affecting not just how you feel emotionally but also physically. Learn how to recognize stress symptoms.

Staying healthy (PDF) while going to school can be tough. Find out how stress can impact your immune system and how you can stay healthy.

All-nighters (PDF) studying and daily stress from school and life can majorly impact your sleep. Learn more about sleep and stress and how to get your best nights rest.

Managing Stress

101 Stress Busters (PDF): Find over 100 ways to destress today.

5 Minute Stress Busters (PDF): Get stress under control in 5 minutes or less.