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Depression & Anxiety

Many students are struggling with depression and anxiety on campus. From demanding classes, to being away from home for the first time, it's natural to experience these emotions. Find out how to get help.


Depression Check 
Take the assessment to help you check in on your feelings and get next steps to help.

Holistic Approach to Depression (PDF)
 Exercises to help design your own coping strategies for depression.

Depression Tips for Recovery (PDF) 
Get tips for recovering from depression.


Anxiety Check 
Take an assessment to understand your anxiety.

Understand Anxiety (PDF)
Learn how you can get support or help someone you care about.

Understanding Anxiety (PDF) 
Learn about anxiety, watch videos to learn how to change anxious thoughts, and about treatment options.

Alternate Ways to Reduce Tension and Anxiety (PDF) 
Learn ways to reduce stress and manage anxiety.

Mental Health

Young Adult Mental Health Guide Book (PDF)
We know that mental health and suicide are very real problems that need to be talked about. This guidebook will provide you with tools to help you support your mental health.