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How to Use Your Student Health Insurance Plan

Before you visit a provider (doctor, hospital, pharmacy or specialist)

Health Care 101 (PDF) Straightforward explanations about plans, payments and easy ways to save.

Read your Student Health Insurance Plan to find out what steps to follow before you seek medical treatment.

  • Step 1: Understanding the guidelines of your Plan may prevent you from paying unexpected out-of-pocket fees.
  • Step 2: Be sure to present your Student Health Insurance Card when visiting a Medical Provider.
  • Step 3: Confirm if the Medical Provider is an In-Network Preferred Provider or a private physician.

    Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy

  • Step 4: If you are being treated by an In-Network Provider, your claim will automatically be submitted to the Plan by the Medical Provider. If you are being treated by a Non-Network Provider, ask how your claim will be filed with the Medical Provider. The Provider may ask for payment immediately. If the Provider does not file the claim directly with Aetna Student Health, then you must file the claim by submitting an itemized bill to us immediately after treatment. Your name, ID# and school name should be written clearly on all medical bills. Always retain copies for your records.
  • Step 5: Payment on filed claims for covered expenses will be mailed directly to the hospital or doctor unless proof of payment is submitted with the claim.
  • Step 6: Once a claim is processed, an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statement will be mailed to you explaining the benefit paid to the Provider. The Provider will then send you a statement indicating if a balance is due.

Note: All customer service inquiries, including Provider network questions, should be directed to Aetna Student Health. Visit our Contact Us page to call or email.

Print an Aetna Claim Form
Print an Aetna Prescription Drug Claim Form