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International Students

WelcomeU International Student Health Insurance Facts

Are you a student coming to the United States? Find out what you need to know about your school health insurance plan.

Coming to the United States for college is an exciting adventure. Health care is a little different here. And there are some important things you should know. Most people in the US are required to have health insurance coverage, including students. But it’s not a public service here. People buy health insurance plans so they can afford great care if they ever need it. Each school year, you’ll pay what’s known as a premium for your health insurance plan. Most plans also have a deductible, which is the amount you have to pay toward your health services before your insurer helps pay.

If you’re injured or become ill, you’ll only pay a copay after you’ve paid your deductible. And your insurance provider will pay your remaining bill, saving you money in the future. Whether it’s flu season or you suffered a minor injury, you should always visit a health care provider that’s in network. Your network is a group of providers that partner with your insurance company, making their services more affordable. The cost to see a doctor out of network is at least 50% higher.

You should also know about the different kinds of places where you can get care. Your student health center or an off-campus urgent care clinic can treat most illnesses and injuries. And they’ll cost far less than a visit to a hospital emergency room. You should go to the ER only when you experience a severe accident or suffer from intense pain – visit an ER immediately if your condition is life threatening, or if you need urgent care when other clinics are closed.

But there’s more to care than the cost. At Aetna Student Health, we understand that your needs are unique. Our health plans give you the care you need, including reputable hospitals, doctors and specialists, and behavioral health care that helps you focus on your studies. And we give you the support you need to make the health care process easier to understand . We offer online tools and discount programs. And there are people you can talk to when you have to make important decisions, such as worldwide travel assistance.

Your Aetna Student Health plan is designed for you. And it meets the requirements of your school and your visa status, too. We’ll make sure you can focus on making the grade in your next great adventure in the United States.